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Every PCR Graduate belongs to Board of Alumni called IKA PCR. This board is aimed at giving a platform for the alumni to keep in touch as well as sharing information one another.  In order to facilitate the communication, IKA PCR has online information system that can be accessed everywhere. The representative of IKA PCR can be found in the following cities:

  1. IKA PCR Pekanbaru
  2. IKA PCR Batam dan Kepri
  3. IKA PCR Medan dan Aceh
  4. IKA PCR Dumai
  5. IKA PCR Duri
  6. IKA PCR Jakarta
  7. IKA PCR Kalimantan
  8. IKA PCR Sumatera Barat
  9. IKA PCR Kuansing, Inhu dan Palalawan
  10. IKA PCR Internasional


Tracer Study

Since its establishment in 2001, PCR has graduated thousands of alumni who are now working in many companies in Indonesia and overseas. The information of alumni distribution is conducted every semester and 2 year graduation. The data is managed in a system called Alumni Tracer Study in order to allow each alumnus complete the data online.

In managing the data, tracer study system is maintained under the supervision of Vice Director of Partnership, Business and Marketing Affairs. The system accommodates all the data obtained every year. Later, tracer study team will conduct some survey 6 months before and after the graduation as the first step in getting the information. The data is used to gain the information of waiting period. After 2 years, team will conduct another tracer study to obtain the information of workplace, field of work, and other supporting information used as reference to improve the quality of PCR graduates.


Sumatera Career Center (SCC)

Sumatera Career Center (SCC) is a career center headquartered in Politeknik Caltex Riau Campus. This career center is developed to give a legitimate information for both employees and employers. SCC is also committed to give a service for companies which are seeking employees from any institution and major.

SCC is an online service for both jobseeker and employers features. Besides, SCC also provides an activity such as Job Fair which is held once a year.

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