Vision Mission


Recognized as reputable polytechnic for global competition.



  1. Conducting a qualified vocational education system
  2. Producing skillful and competent human resources, good soft skill, open minded and ready for global competition based on National and International Industrial Competencies  
  3. Developing applied research and community development to serve industrial and society needs, including human resources, goods and service



  1. Conducting quality study programs based on the needs of skilfull workforce in National and International industries.
  2. Preparing Politeknik graduates who are able to compete in the global era, work in accordance with the department competence either independently or under the supervision and guidance, and have the managerial ability.
  3. Being a Politeknik which takes the possession of applied research and community service in accordance with the needs of industry and society.

Institution Accreditation of Politeknik Caltex Riau :

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