Mechanical Engineering Program

Mechanical Engineering Study Program obtain operating license in 2015 and start its academic activities in 2016. The aim for this program is to fulfill labor market demand in mechanical technology from manufacturing machine to ever-growing energy conversion machine and also the growing need of instructor in Vocational Education Institution.

In D4 Study Program - Mechanical Engineering, students can design a product with software Computer Aided Design (CAD), either from 2D until 3D. They are expected to be able to analyze a product design draft, to operate production machines both conventional and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) based, to design the machining process with the help of Computer Aided Maufacturing (CAM) software to facilitate the machine process based of CNC. Besides they are also prepared in order to be able to do a welding process to make a frame construction machinery, to maintain and repair fluid machines such as Pumps, Turbines, and Hydraulics, motor fuel engine such as diesel machine and gasoline machine, and and carry out Occupational Health and Safety.

For Machine Designing, things that are discussed is a technique to draw machines both manual and using software such as Computer Aided Design (CAD) 2D and CAD 3D. Other than that students also supplied with knowledge in maintain and machining process, both regular or overhaul maintenance system. In maintaining system, the materials learned here including geometry test, vibration test, lubricants, and noise in machinery system. For energy conversion engineering reviewing how to make alternative energies sourced by utilization of existing energy, such as biomassa from palm oil, wood and micro-hydro power plants.

Other than competence in techincal area, students also supplied with softskill fit for working world demands. With competence owned by the alumni of Mechanical Engineering can work as a Drafter, Supervisor of production process, Maintenance Supervisor/Manager or as Quality control supervisor.

Mechanical Engineering Study Program Competence:

  1. Able to master procedures to drawing machines correctly and master computer application design software both CAD 2D dan CAD 3D.
  2. Able to devise and analyze machine components.
  3. Able to operate manufacture machines both convention such as lathe, milling, and welding machines, and automatic machines such as CAM and CNC.
  4. Able to design construction and welding metals.
  5. Able to use various tools and manual book to maintain and repair..
  6. Able to do jobs safely and can make report accordance to work standards
  7. Able to analyze maintaining and repairing conventional and non-conventional machine tools.
  8. Able to dissasemble and reassemble machinery unit components
  9. Able to do reability centered maintenance in engine machine
  10. Able to manage troubleshooting in service and tool problems
  11. Able to do failure analysis to machines
  12. Able to analyze fluids that work in machinery system
  13. Able to know motor fuel working system in machining unit
  14. Analyzing material transfer sistem in machining unit
  15. Able to analyze the strength and structure of a material
  16. Able to make breakthroughs in energy conversion engineering.
  17. Able to communicate effectively, in oral or written in English and Indonesian

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