Mechatronics Engineering Program

Started its operation in 2003, Mechatronics Engineering Study Program offers the students some competencies such as mechanics, control, electronics, and software. This study program is coming to answer the needs of workforce who can produce a product and operate automatic machine with optimum performance. The alumni of Mechatronics Engineering are given the knowledge of understanding, designing, producing, and maintaining industrial automation system. 

One of the missions of Mechatronics Study Program is to provide good academic environment in order to produce open minded graduates and ready to face global competition. Therefore, education system is supported with world class industry facilities.   


Becoming qualified study program with skillful graduates and ready to compete globally in mechatronics field.


  1. Performing professional education system in Mechatronics Engineering which always follow the technology development to produce competitive human resources, hardware and services.
  2. Producing professional graduates in industry automation and appropriate technology.
  3. Providing conducive academic environment in order to produce open minded graduates who are ready to compete globally.
  4. Actively participating in mechatronics profession association to support institutional relations with industry.
  5. Developing applied research to fulfill industry demand covering human resources, technical consultation, and research.


  1. Producing qualified graduates who can compete globally in Mechatronics field. Menghasilkan lulusan yang berkualitas dan mampu bersaing secara global dalam bidang mekatronika
  2. Improving society participation and awareness about Mechatronics
  3. Producing useful products for society.

Since its first operations in 20013, the alumni of Mechatronics Engineering Study Program have worked in national and multinational companies such as Schlumberger, Patra SK, Chevron, Trimba Telecommunication, Medco Energi, Tim Metal Batam, Energi Mega Persada, RAPP, Pertamina, Halliburton, IKPP, LNG Arun, Kalila Bentu Ltd, Bakri Group, Soon Poh Technologies, etc. Some of them obtained the predicate as the best trainee in the company’s training center.


Mechatronics Study Program graduates’ competency is formulated as follows:

  1. Honest, responsible, entrepreneurial spirit, and able to work in team.
  2. Mastering basic knowledge in machinery, electronics, computer programming, as well as synergizing it as the basis mechatronics knowledge in production, operations, and maintenance.
  3. Mastering engineering drawing by using CAD/CAM.
  4. Mastering industrial automation system.
  5. Able to design, install, and perform industrial robotic system both in production and manufacture.
  6. Ready for development and improvement.
  7. Have soft skill to perform as professional in mechatronics.

Future Career :

1. Industrial infrastructure design for exploration and exploitation of petroleum and minerals.

2. Company operation and production of energy resources (electricity) and steam power.

3. Service company for maintenance of production and operation equipment in upstream industry and downstream petroleum industry.

4. Pulp and Paper production industry

5. Industrial management of metals, aluminum and other non ferros metal.

6. Production industry based on electronics and microprocessor.

7. Field work based on mechanical and other electronic instrumentation

Career Position:

  1. Senior Drafter (CAD/CAM)                  
  2. Head Control System Technician
  3. Head Field Maintenance
  4. Head Operator
  5. Instructor
  6. Senior Technician (Instrument/Machines)
  7. Senior Robotic System Maintenance
  8. Supervisor
  9. Entrepreneur

Certificate of Accreditation of Mechatronics Engineering Program :

Certificates can be downloaded here

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