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Since its first operation, PCR manifests itself not only as a place for students to study, or to develop their knowledge. More than that, this is the place to re-internalize character values. Integrity, credibility, discipline, honesty, and spirit of never give up are the values that we put our attention in. Those values, in real, are developed in specific course i.e. enabling skill.

However, the character building is also manifested in every course subject. Students are guided to always be aware of manners, either to lecturers, staff, friends, even janitors. This character building is expected to prepare the students to be ready, both mentally and intellectually, in facing their professional work life.

In terms of facilities, PCR offers qualified lecturers from various education backgrounds. All lecturers are obliged to get certification from relevant institution based on their competence.

PCR itself has been accredited by BAN-PT with B Score. Within these 16 years, we gain many achievements. Having good accreditation and quality, PCR is trusted to distribute Bidikmisi Scholarship with more allocations every year. PCR is also chosen by Directorate of Higher Education to be benchmarking polytechnic. In 2011-2012, more than 15 polytechnics in Indonesia came to PCR to participate workshops that were conducted as cooperation between Directorate of Higher Education and PCR i.e. Financial Management Workshop, and Asset Inventory Workshop. Several achievements gained so far become a stimulus for us to keep giving our best in order to be able to compete globally.

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