Future Students

Future Students who can apply to Politeknik Caltex Riau are vocational/high school graduates and can choose one the following admission:  

PSUD (Selection for outstanding student) requires academic transcript from semester 1-4, with average score 7,5 in Math, English, Physics (for Science),  Math, English and Economy (for Social science), and Math, English and Expertise Program (Vocational High School)  

UMPCR (admission test) is a regular test by using computer test. Registration is online and examination will be done on schedule.

Computer Based Test (CBT), students can join the test without having to follow the schedule as UMPCR. Registration is online and test can be done in workdays, Monday-Friday, 07.00-12.00 during student admission period.

During student admission period, there are scholarships offered to our future students as follows:

1. Beasiswa Yayasan Politeknik Chevron Riau (YPCR)

The scholarship is provided by the foundation, and given to students with good achievemen but in unfortunate financial situation. The registration is open during student admission period. Requirements can be seen here.

2. Beasiswa Bidikmisi 

Bidikmisi is the Education and Culture Ministrys scholarship program that targets talented students, particularly from poor families, to pursue tertiary education. The resgistration is also open during student admission period. Requirements can be seen here.


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