No: 025/PMPP/PCR/2017


PIU - Polytechnic Education Development Project (PEDP) Politeknik Caltex Riau, will conduct a National Competitive Bidding (NCB) with one file system Post Qualification Electronically for Supply of Goods and Related Service Packages as follows:


  1. Procurement Package

Name of Package                  :     Procurement The Equipment Of Laboratorium Electric Power Automation Systems

Qualification                           :     Small

Owner Estimate Price             :     IDR 1.698.124.000,- (One billion six hundred and ninety eight million twenty-four thousand  Rupiah), excluded VAT

Source of Fund                      :     ADB Loan No. 2928-INO through DIPA Politeknik Caltex Riau Fiscal Year 2017. This package auction  is held  waiting  approval of the  budget,  when the budget  is  not  approved then   by  itself   the   package  is canceled.


  1. Bidder Requirements

The Procurement is open to providers listed for Procurement of Machine, Electrical, Computer and others  and registered on Electrinic Procurement Service (LPSE), and meet the requirement as specified in the bidding documents


  1. Procurement Implementation

This Procurement is conducted electronically by accessing the application of Electronic Procurement System (SPSE) in LPSE website address of Politeknik Caltex Riau: http//


  1. Procurement Schedule

May be viewed on the LPSE website: http//


  1. Registration and retrieval of Procurement Documents can be conducted as the following:

Address :  http//

Time       :  September 2017


This was stated to be concern of the interested participants.


Procurement Committee of Goods and Services


PIU- Polytechnic Education Development Project

Politeknik Caltex Riau

Fiscal Year 2017


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